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  • The COVID-19 virus has left the world in unprecedented and uncertain times PPCI

    The COVID-19 virus has left the world in unprecedented and uncertain times. As different countries and states implement their own responses to the virus and the world continues to change, it is critical that we take action where we can. One of the main ways everyone can help slow the spread of the virus is […]

  • Vinegar and Easter Egg Dyes

    We know that many people may wonder about the best way to color Easter eggs this time of year. We feel that the detail below is a good example of how dyes can be employed. Most Easter egg dying kits instruct the user to mix a small amount of white vinegar along with warm water […]

  • Pylam Dyes now offering resin chips

    From the Lab…… As our customers know, we spend a great deal of time and resources communicating about the available dye and colorant options for both their projects and their problems.  For many of these requests, solvent dyes are the best colorant option.  However, it can be difficult to communicate and capture how they appear […]

  • What is the difference between organic and inorganic pigments?

    Inorganic versus Organic Pigments In a previous post—Dyes versus Pigments—a comparison between dyes and pigments was provided along with clarification that, regardless of their differences, both dyes and pigments fall in the “colorant” family of chemical compounds. With this classification now familiar, we can dig a little deeper into understanding the colorant family taxonomy and, […]

  • New Product Announcement Pylakrome Red VS LX-12137

    Pylam maintains an inventory of thousands of distinct dyes, pigments, and blends of colorants. Our PYLAKROME RED VS LX-12137 is a high-tinctorial strength dye with outstanding solubility, good heat stability, and good lightfastness. Please consider receiving a free sample of this dye product so that you can evaluate its effectiveness first hand. This dye product […]

  • DuPont Fiber Identification Stain #4

    Pylam Products has been offering DuPont Fiber ID Stain #4 since the 1970s. For nearly forty years we have been supplying one of the greatest fiber identification systems to the pharmaceutical, textile, and manufacturing industries. Whether you need to comply with USP guidelines, internal quality control metrics, or are trying to determine the fibers that are in your […]

  • Difference Between Dyes and Pigments

    What is the difference between dyes and pigments? Dyes versus Pigments Both dyes and pigments fall under the umbrella term of “colorants.” Dyes and pigments are both used to color materials, although the way in which the coloring process takes place is different for each. Dyes require some sort of physical or chemical reaction in […]

  • Pylam Pearlizer

    Pylam is excited to announce a new product—our Pylam Pearlizer. The Pylam Pearlizer creates a pearlescent effect or appearance. Specifically, the Pylam Pearlizer is designed to be used with cosmetics and cleansers, such as hair conditioners, shampoos, foaming bath products, liquid bath soaps, liquid hand soaps, skin creams and lotions, liquid dish soaps, and more. […]

  • Looking for the perfect shade? Let Pylam do the work!

    What distinguishes Pylam Products from other distributors and manufacturers of dyes, pigments, and colorants? Pylam’s industry-leading levels of service and customer support (in addition to extremely high quality products) are some of our hallmarks. Pylam Products has been in business for nearly 100 years, and our staff’s many decades of accumulated expertise can help you […]