New Product Announcement Pylakrome Red VS LX-12137

Pylam maintains an inventory of thousands of distinct dyes, pigments, and blends of colorants. Our PYLAKROME RED VS LX-12137 is a high-tinctorial strength dye with outstanding solubility, good heat stability, and good lightfastness. Please consider receiving a free sample of this dye product so that you can evaluate its effectiveness first hand.

This dye product is a blend of Solvent Yellow 14 (CAS# 842-07-9) and Solvent Red 24 (CAS# 85-83-6) and can perform with great results in petroleum derivative products, and other applications including:

Our Pylakrome Red VS LX-12137 solubilizes quickly, which can naturally help your manufacturing and production become more efficient. The strength of this dye can help your product become more intensely colored, which can help you get a marketing edge over your competitors.

Please Contact Us for more information about this product or to discuss how we may assist you with any of your other colorant needs.

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