Author: Ben Reynolds

  • Acid Blue 145 Shortages

    Are you having a hard time finding Acid Blue 145 (CAS 6408-80-6)?  You are not alone.  The worldwide dye and colorant market has been heavily impacted by supply shortages stemming from stricter environmental and regulatory controls implemented by both the Chinese and Indian governments over the past few years.  Additional challenges include recent industrial explosions […]

  • Ultramarine Blue

      What is Ultramarine Blue? Ultramarine Blue is one of the most sought-after pigments.  Historically, Ultramarine Blue (a.k.a. Lapis lazuli) was mined from the earth, and it was prized for its deep blue hues when used in paints.  However, the colorant was prohibitively expensive and often cost more than gold. Nearly 100 years ago Ultramarine […]