Acid Blue 145 Shortages

Are you having a hard time finding Acid Blue 145 (CAS 6408-80-6)?  You are not alone.  The worldwide dye and colorant market has been heavily impacted by supply shortages stemming from stricter environmental and regulatory controls implemented by both the Chinese and Indian governments over the past few years.  Additional challenges include recent industrial explosions and factory shutdowns throughout China.

How Are Regulatory Measures Are Restricting Acid Blue 145 Production?

Historically, Acid Blue 145 has been manufactured by a very small number of manufacturers and the vast majority of this dye has been made in China. However, within recent years, China’s anti-pollution clampdown with regards to its new environmental enforcement regime has forced the closure or reduced the production output of many of its dye factories. Many of those that are still running were also severely hit with restrictions in the supply of key dye ingredients. According to, this resulted in price hikes among several well-known dyes.

Ultimately, these environmental and regulatory measures eventually brought the manufacturing of Acid Blue 145 to a halt.  It is not known when manufacturing of this dye will resume, if ever.

Pylam Offers Alternatives to Acid Blue 145

Acid Blue 145 has become widely used because of its bright and vibrant blue shade, its ease of use and good solubility in water, its recommendation by 3rd party formulators, and its pH stability (generally pH 1 to 13 in most solutions).  We maintain an inventory of many blue colorants so we are in a great position to help our customers find alternative products for their manufacturing needs.

At Pylam, we go to great lengths to maintain deep inventories of the dyes and pigments our customers need.  Even so, unexpected factory shutdowns and ingredient shortages prove that the chemical industry will remain dynamic for the foreseeable future.  Nevertheless, the broad scope of colorants in our inventory means that Pylam can help its customers find alternatives to Acid Blue 145.  Please contact us or feel free to start a dialogue with us through our Sample Request Form to explore our capabilities in this regard.  Kindly specify in the form that you are looking for an alternative to Acid Blue 145.  We recognize that replacing one dye for another in your formula is a difficult process that you will not undertake lightly.  We are here to help you find the best alternatives for your product.

We have been in business since 1919, and through this entire time, we continue to excel at identifying the right colorants for the needs of our customers.  We are always happy to formulate new colorant shades and blends.  We are here to help you overcome the challenges faced by the absence of Acid Blue 145 in the market and any other colorant challenges you may face.  We hope to hear from you soon.



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